2016 Peace & Love Mantra

Repeating of mantra calms the mind so enjoy these daily mantras, practice, be still and breathe!

Day 1 God is love
Day 2 I love you
Day 3 Om shanti
Day 4 Be humble
Day 5 Just breathe
Day 6 Be patient
Day 7 Be kind
Day 8 Be in harmony
Day 9 Be grateful
Day 10 Be happy
Day 11 Be steady
Day 12 Love all
Day 13 Go within
Day 14 Be still
Day 15 Everything is perfect
Day 16 Be truthful
Day 17 Be sincere
Day 18 Be determined
Day 19 Forgive
Day 20 Love unconditionally
Day 21 Let it go
Day 22 Have faith
Day 23 Be strong
Day 24 Respect all
Day 25 Inspire
Day 26 Love yourself
Day 27 No worries
Day 28 Be the change
Day 29 Stability
Day 30 Be consistent
Day 31 Be true to your self
Day 32 Watch your thoughts
Day 33 Compassion for all
Day 34 Practice selflessness
Day 35 Fortitude
Day 36 Practice humility
Day 37 Be pure in thought action & deed
Day 38 Fearlessness
Day 39 Shine your light
Day 40 Beauty is within
Day 41 Be accountable for your own actions
Day 42 Make the right choices
Day 43 Make today count
Day 44 Find blessings in each day
Day 45 Love, love, love
Day 46 Don’t do or say something you will regret later
Day 47 Love is all you need
Day 48 Stay grounded
Day 49 Don’t loose focus
Day 50 No excuses
Day 51 Listen to God
Day 52 Be a hero
Day 53 We are our worst enemy so be kind to yourself
Day 54 Don’t freak out
Day 55 Think before you speak
Day 56 Never give up
Day 57 Never say never as beautiful miracles happen everyday
Day 58 Do not hate
Day 59 Stand by your promises
Day 60 Transform your self
Day 61 Be free
Day 62 Believe in yourself
Day 63 Trust in your faith
Day 64 Never settle
Day 65 See God in everyone
Day 66 Don’t hold grudges
Day 67 God is everything
Day 68 God is everywhere
Day 69 God is dwelling inside your heart
Day 70 Love is dwelling in your heart
Day 71 Love your neighbor
Day 72 Talk to God
Day 73 Draw strength from within
Day 74 Be proud of yourself
Day 75 Be good to yourself
Day 76 Make time for God
Day 77 Laugh
Day 78 Be devoted
Day 79 No enemies
Day 80 Live simple
Day 81 Be holy
Day 82 Be righteous
Day 83 Seek His will in all you do
Day 84 Thank you
Day 85 Rest inside your heart
Day 86 Be cheerful
Day 87 Just surrender
Day 88 Find peace everywhere
Day 89 Set the best example
Day 90 Eat to live not live to eat
Day 91 Be a great thinker
Day 92 Follow the right path
Day 93 Tomorrow is never promised
Day 94 Never break a promise
Day 95 Radiate light & love
Day 96 Have an attitude of gratitude
Day 97 Infect everyone with love
Day 98 Whisper love everywhere
Day 99 Stop wasting time
Day 100 Rejoice always
Day 101 Send love to the suffering & find peace within
Day 102 Time is precious
Day 103 Let go & let God
Day 104 Do not worry about tomorrow
Day 105 Don’t be troubled
Day 106 Wait & watch
Day 107 Honor your elders
Day 108 Never loose sight
Day 109 Be a perfect reflection of God
Day 110 Let the Lord guide you
Day 111 Find rest for your soul
Day 112 Learn to behave
Day 113 Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life
Day 114 Compassion is an action word with no boundaries
Day 115 You are my sunshine
Day 116 Find joy in your heart
Day 117 Be sweet
Day 118 Stand tall
Day 119 Keep your foundation solid
Day 120 Embrace the fragrance of nature
Day 121 Keep showing up
Day 122 Be yourself
Day 123 Serve your purpose
Day 124 One day at a time
Day 125 Be whimsical
Day 126 Love one another
Day 127 Keep your mental attitude strong
Day 128 You always have a choice
Day 129 God has a plan for you
Day 130 Be wise
Day 131 Nothing lasts forever
Day 132 Don’t be afraid
Day 133 Don’t be bitter
Day 134 God is wisdom
Day 135 Don’t be a fool
Day 136 Blessed are the peacemakers
Day 137 Have good sense
Day 138 Use discrimination
Day 139 Deal with your stuff
Day 140 Bloom at your fullest
Day 141 Show your potential
Day 142 Tell everyone how big your God is not how big your problem is
Day 143 Listen to yourself and in that quietude you will hear God
Day 144 Make your mind beautiful
Day 145 Rainbows are everywhere
Day 146 You are the result of your choices
Day 147 Everything is as it should be
Day 148 Get past the challenges in life with supreme faith
Day 149 Celebrate your birth – it’s a gift
Day 150 Singing makes your heart happy
Day 151 Life is funny
Day 152 Build someone up
Day 153 It’s so easy to love one another
Day 154 A friend is a gift
Day 155 Cherish every moment
Day 156 Free yourself
Day 157 We are all one race…human
Day 158 People never forget how you made them feel
Day 159 Purify your mind
Day 160 Doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down what counts is how many times you get up
Day 161 Do good for others
Day 162 Say nice things
Day 163 Return your soul to God as clean as possible
Day 164 My cup runneth over
Day 165 Stop the hate
Day 166 Do your service to others
Day 167 Become a servant
Day 168 The proof is in the pudding
Day 169 Be phenomenal
Day 170 Be fantastic
Day 171 Love you mean it
Day 172 God is preparing you for what he has prepared for you
Day 173 Laugh like a child
Day 174 Be true to your words
Day 175 The turtle always wins the race…slow and steady
Day 176 If you don’t want to keep starting over stop quitting
Day 177 Be a rainbow is someone else’s cloud
Day 178 Don’t be negative
Day 179 We are all one
Day 180 Find someone to love
Day 181 Stop dwelling in the past
Day 182 Everything is made of love
Day 183 Take care of each other
Day 184 Cultivate enthusiasm
Day 185 Stop the violence
Day 186 Be a reflection of what you would like to receive
Day 187 Choose your destiny
Day 188 Life is a journey
Day 189 Freedom is to ask for nothing
Day 190 Freedom is to need for nothing
Day 191 Freedom is to expect nothing
Day 192 Freedom is to depend on nothing
Day 193 Love is patient love is kind
Day 194 Open your heart
Day 195 Uncover love and happiness
Day 196 Stop complaining
Day 197 Counter fear with faith
Day 198 Do no harm
Day 199 Life is a gift
Day 200 Be better than you used to be
Day 201 Honor the guru
Day 202 Enlightenment
Day 203 Use common sense
Day 204 Be a light in the darkness
Day 205 Today is a new day
Day 206 Purity
Day 207 Rest your spirit
Day 208 Thy will be done
Day 209 Slow down
Day 210 Just show up
Day 211 Be in love
Day 212 No complications
Day 213 Be brave
Day 214 Be simple
Day 215 We are all brothers & sisters
Day 216 Stop whining
Day 217 Leave everything better than you found it
Day 218 Rise above
Day 219 Be mindful of your words
Day 220 With God all things are possible
Day 221 Be happy exactly where you are
Day 222 Be glad in the Lord
Day 223 Dance like no one is watching
Day 224 Search for God
Day 225 Remember to say grace
Day 226 Smile God loves you
Day 227 Do good deeds
Day 228 See oneness in everyone
Day 229 Be reliable
Day 230 Keep good company
Day 231 Have no enemies
Day 232 Concentrate
Day 233 Be proud not arrogant
Day 234 Find love everywhere
Day 235 Be nice
Day 236 No fear
Day 237 No doubt
Day 238 Breathe love
Day 239 If you can’t take God with you, you may not want to go there
Day 240 God is speaking to you…listen
Day 241 Good health is part of your wealth
Day 242 Be a human angel
Day 243 Light the way
Day 244 Be a leader
Day 245 Be ready for any obstacle
Day 246 Make your life significant
Day 247 Always do your best
Day 248 Never go to bed angry
Day 249 Enjoy life
Day 250 Don’t be miserable
Day 251 Find the awesome
Day 252 Feel God’s presence in nature
Day 253 Everything will be ok
Day 254 Never leave a job unfinished
Day 255 You can’t change the past
Day 256 Listen to understand
Day 257 Find joy in everything you do
Day 258 Be calm in your heart
Day 259 Your spirit if full of peace
Day 260 Discover the treasure within
Day 261 Don’t worry about the future
Day 262 Be in the moment
Day 263 Don’t just think of yourself
Day 264 Don’t be selfish
Day 265 Make everything you do an offering
Day 266 Believe no matter what
Day 267 Strengthen your relationship with others
Day 268 Do something different
Day 269 Always leave things better than you found them
Day 270 Follow your dreams
Day 271 Better to give than receive
Day 272 Never judge anyone as you don’t know what they are going through
Day 273 You are beautiful
Day 274 Help someone
Day 275 No regrets
Day 276 Always think of the happiness of others
Day 277 Always let your voice be sweet kind and loving
Day 278 Let your soul shine
Day 279 Believe in the love in your heart
Day 280 Everybody matters
Day 281 Smiling opens the heart
Day 282 Everyone has a purpose
Day 283 Allow no one to take your peace
Day 284 Show respect
Day 285 Love your enemies
Day 286 It’s all in your mind how beautiful your life can be
Day 287 Inspire others with your actions
Day 288 Things will always work out
Day 289 Be cool
Day 290 Be a teacher
Day 291 Loose your ego
Day 292 Don’t be weak
Day 293 Peace is my breath
Day 294 Serenity is the beat of my heart
Day 295 Always have hope
Day 296 I am happy with what I have
Day 297 No negative habits
Day 298 Watch a sunset
Day 299 Gaze at the moon
Day 300 Learn to just be
Day 301 Watch your tongue
Day 302 This too shall pass
Day 303 Find balance in your life
Day 304 Concentrate in the cave of your heart
Day 305 God bless everyone
Day 306 Trust in God
Day 307 You can’t predict the future
Day 308 Your true self lies within
Day 309 Give happiness to all and you will live in peace
Day 310 Create peace in your mind
Day 311 It is all an illusion
Day 312 You are an extravagant gift
Day 313 Do what’s best for everyone
Day 314 Be strong in love and faith it always prevails and wins
Day 315 You control your thoughts
Day 316 Stop thinking of ways you can’t think of ways you can
Day 317 Be generous with love
Day 318 Help everyone find peace
Day 319 There is so much power in unconditional love
Day 320 No division only unity
Day 321 Think beyond yourself
Day 322 Take care of each other
Day 323 Learn something new to help others
Day 324 Spend time being quiet
Day 325 Only speak kind words
Day 326 Close your eyes and breathe
Day 327 How can you surrender
Day 328 Read something holy
Day 329 Grateful always
Day 330 Work together
Day 331 Welcome struggles as it always brings strength
Day 332 Sing it makes the heart happy
Day 333 Make each day count
Day 334 Never be too proud to say I’m sorry
Day 335 Be groovy
Day 336 Take care of yourself
Day 337 Our words can be poison or fruit
Day 338 Your thoughts guide you to your destiny
Day 339 Life will always bring difficulties but how you deal with it is your choice
Day 340 Let the sun shine in
Day 341 The great enemy of peace is ego
Day 342 Take pride in yourself
Day 343 Praying together will keep you together
Day 344 Time heals
Day 345 Stop being mad
Day 346 Life is a gift
Day 347 Hold someone’s hand and you will hold their heart
Day 348 Allow nothing to stop you
Day 349 Appreciate what you have and stop worrying about what you don’t have
Day 350 Learn from your mistakes
Day 351 Always treat people better than they treat you
Day 352 Love the simple things in life
Day 353 Always better to give than to receive
Day 354 When you get give
Day 355 When you learn teach
Day 356 Don’t be a disappointment
Day 357 Remember your blessings
Day 358 Always be funky cool
Day 359 Be jolly
Day 360 Remember the reason for the season
Day 361 Spread love and joy everywhere you go
Day 362 Always pay attention
Day 363 Hug someone with love
Day 364 Make your life worth talking about when you’re gone
Day 365 Prepare yourself for new beginnings
Day 366 Begin each day as if it’s a new year

Om Shanti