2017 Gratitude Project

There is always something to be grateful for – here’s some daily reminders!

Day 1 God
Day 2 forever grateful for finding my beloved Guru
Day 3 extremely grateful for my son, his loving wife and my beautiful grandchildren. Words can’t express all the love in my heart I feel for them.
Day 4 marriage
Day 5 yoga
Day 6 family and friends (which are my family we are all brothers and sisters)
Day 7 breath
Day 8 ability to love all
Day 9 laughter
Day 10 tears
Day 11 respect for everyone
Day 12 nature
Day 13 sunshine
Day 14 moonlight
Day 15 rainbows
Day 16 dreams
Day 17 mornings
Day 18 evenings
Day 19 prayer
Day 20 mother earth
Day 21 rain
Day 22 eyesight to see so much beauty
Day 23 ability to hear so many beautiful sounds
Day 24 sense of smell to enjoy all the sweet aromas
Day 25 a big heart to love everyone with
Day 26 child’s laughter
Day 27 warm loving home
Day 28 hard work
Day 29 patience
Day 30 good choices
Day 31 ability to learn new things
Day 32 mothers
Day 33 fathers
Day 34 pets
Day 35 good health
Day 36 lifelong friends
Day 37 giggles
Day 38 beautiful music
Day 39 warm sunny days
Day 40 sound & smell of rain
Day 41 human beauty
Day 42 wisdom of elders
Day 43 honesty
Day 44 strength of trees
Day 45 unconditional love
Day 46 love letters
Day 47 beautiful art
Day 48 patience
Day 49 courage
Day 50 inner strength
Day 51 fortitude
Day 52 devotion
Day 53 new opportunities
Day 54 mala beads
Day 55 good night sleep
Day 56 spiritual path
Day 57 spiritual knowledge
Day 58 pet happiness
Day 59 respect for everyone
Day 60 enjoying meals with loved ones
Day 61 waking up early
Day 62 being a mother & grandmother
Day 63 yard work
Day 64 faith
Day 65 being Aunt Leslie to many children
Day 66 ability to help others
Day 67 being a strong woman
Day 68 hard times in life to make you stronger
Day 69 today is a new day
Day 70 being happy
Day 71 being able to say I’m sorry
Day 72 days at home
Day 73 coloring
Day 74 being a business owner
Day 75 learning from my mistakes
Day 76 patience
Day 77 time with friends
Day 78 being able to breathe
Day 79 appreciating God’s blessings
Day 80 being joyful for others
Day 81 spring
Day 82 hot tea
Day 83 old photos
Day 84 daylight until after 8:00pm
Day 85 watching things grow
Day 86 comfy clothes
Day 87 barefoot walking
Day 88 seeing my child as a beautiful parent
Day 89 teaching yoga
Day 90 the truth
Day 91 helping others
Day 92 hearing the birds sing
Day 93 holy books
Day 94 determination
Day 95 lifelong unconditional love
Day 96 ability to always rise
Day 97 finding peace within
Day 98 being self reliant
Day 99 ability to inspire children
Day 100 taking pride in yourself
Day 101 making someone smile
Day 102 long hot baths
Day 103 seeing the good in everyone
Day 104 watching people grow
Day 105 quietude of early morning
Day 106 true meaning of Easter
Day 107 holy lessons
Day 108 maha sadhana (the great practice)
Day 109 being happy for others
Day 110 long walks
Day 111 Prince
Day 112 time
Day 113 great neighbors
Day 114 sound & smell of rain
Day 115 watching children play
Day 116 good morning kisses
Day 117 patience in healing
Day 118 tears of joy
Day 119 chanting Om
Day 120 ability to heal thyself
Day 121 knowledge that life is too short so always tell someone you love them
Day 122 yoga mats
Day 123 being wise
Day 124 making good choices about food “eat to live not live to eat”
Day 125 being flexible in my body and mind
Day 126 change of seasons
Day 127 laughter with dear friends
Day 128 being a vegetarian
Day 129 unbroken promises
Day 130 after school hugs
Day 131 faith that love always prevails
Day 132 traveling with my hubby
Day 133 exploring new cities
Day 134 divine mothers & anniversaries
Day 135 celebrations of May-birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversary
Day 136 ability to wake up put my feet on the floor and make the best of each day I’m blessed with
Day 137 spending time with elders
Day 138 watching babies sleep
Day 139 beautiful musicians
Day 140 yard work dirt & sweat
Day 141 spending time with family
Day 142 cherishing moments as time is always fleeting
Day 143 value of being steady & consistent in everything you do
Day 144 love love love for all
Day 145 letting go of the past
Day 146 having BHD (big heart disease)
Day 147 celebrations of life
Day 148 my life which I’ve been so blessed with and my purpose to serve according to God’s plan
Day 149 people who serve to protect others
Day 150 melody of wind chimes
Day 151 essential oils
Day 152 thinking before you speak
Day 153 beautiful flowers
Day 154 patience
Day 155 gatherings to celebrate a new life
Day 156 daily prayers
Day 157 karma yoga
Day 158 grace
Day 159 date night
Day 160 perfume of flowers
Day 161 putting my hands in the earth
Day 162 family photos
Day 163 listening
Day 164 regained energy
Day 165 hand me downs
Day 166 being comfortable in your own body
Day 167 early morning yoga
Day 168 a new day
Day 169 divine fathers
Day 170 quiet day at home
Day 171 inner beauty
Day 172 long summer days
Day 173 ability to read
Day 174 not being judgmental
Day 175 accepting my flaws
Day 176 laughter it’s the best medicine
Day 177 taking responsibility for your actions
Day 178 new life
Day 179 karma
Day 180 accepting everyone for who they are
Day 181 being weird
Day 182 the past is the past
Day 183 remaining strong in your beliefs
Day 184 controlling the senses
Day 185 real independence
Day 186 precious time with my sister
Day 187 laughter and time with precious family
Day 188 seeing oneness in all
Day 189 finding strength from suffering
Day 190 Guru Purnima
Day 191 helping others
Day 192 laughter of children
Day 193 another blessed day
Day 194 time with grandchildren
Day 195 being a teacher
Day 196 dreams
Day 197 kindness of others
Day 198 good character
Day 199 no whining
Day 200 early morning quietude
Day 201 ability to stand up no matter what
Day 202 precious time
Day 203 dancing with my hubby
Day 204 organization
Day 205 everything is perfect
Day 206 being happy
Day 207 good healthy food
Day 208 kindness of others
Day 209 giving things away
Day 210 being responsible
Day 211 girlfriends
Day 212 comfy & soft pjs
Day 213 practicing forgiveness
Day 214 learning new things
Day 215 phone calls from friends & family
Day 216 being faithful
Day 217 helping children grow into strong adults
Day 218 being happy for others blessings
Day 219 clean home
Day 220 waking up early with no alarm
Day 221 classic R&B
Day 222 age is just a number
Day 223 strength from my past
Day 224 patience & understanding
Day 225 love always wins
Day 226 seeing love in all
Day 227 making someone smile
Day 228 changing tears into smiles
Day 229 genuine kindness
Day 230 pure joy
Day 231 faith in the truth
Day 232 wealth is more than how much money you have
Day 233 helping others in need
Day 234 not being competitive
Day 235 reliability
Day 236 determination
Day 237 going beyond desires
Day 238 non-violence
Day 239 birth of my beloved husband
Day 240 patience & devotion of pets
Day 241 God’s purpose
Day 242 healing powers of essential oils
Day 243 seeing people come together to help others in need
Day 244 true love
Day 245 open heart
Day 246 seeing God in everyone
Day 247 new beginnings
Day 248 loving people more than things
Day 249 time to rest
Day 250 not panicking
Day 251 positive thoughts
Day 252 writing & receiving letters
Day 253 strength when you didn’t think you had it
Day 254 true & pure love
Day 255 God’s unconditional love
Day 256 inspirational word
Day 257 beautiful flowers
Day 258 being happy
Day 259 reading scriptures
Day 260 uplifting others
Day 261 enjoying children’s laughter
Day 262 no fear
Day 263 sweet dreams
Day 264 divine mother
Day 265 the beach
Day 266 ocean waves
Day 267 honoring commitments
Day 268 planting seeds
Day 269 trips with my beloved
Day 270 not being a prisoner of your past
Day 271 attitude of gratitude
Day 272 respect
Day 273 no fear
Day 274 inspiring teens
Day 275 lifelong friends
Day 276 grace
Day 277 choosing to be happy
Day 278 no drama
Day 279 seeing one in all
Day 280 sharing knowledge
Day 281 hope
Day 282 unconditional love
Day 283 the light in our souls
Day 284 an old soul
Day 285 faith that all is perfect
Day 286 struggles
Day 287 our youth
Day 288 gift of life
Day 289 rising from my past
Day 290 taking your health in your own hands
Day 291 not listening to negativity
Day 292 kind respectful words
Day 293 leaving things better than you found them
Day 294 new food choices
Day 295 kindness
Day 296 courage
Day 297 sound of rain
Day 298 not accepting someone saying you can’t do something
Day 299 rising above all negativity
Day 300 conquering fear and doubt
Day 301 never giving up
Day 302 restful Sunday’s
Day 303 adventures on new bike
Day 304 treats not tricks
Day 305 seeing the good in every one
Day 306 sweet dreams
Day 307 Friday’s
Day 308 sharing the knowledge of yoga
Day 309 being unique
Day 310 giving without receiving
Day 311 my body is a temple
Day 312 beauty of eyes
Day 313 silence
Day 314 being proud of who you are
Day 315 good behavior
Day 316 non-attachment
Day 317 dedication
Day 318 time
Day 319 learning new things
Day 320 helping others with what you have experienced
Day 321 feeling safe
Day 322 first thought when waking up is fixed on God
Day 323 last thought before you go to sleep is fixed on God
Day 324 a new day
Day 325 love for one another
Day 326 being silly
Day 327 giving of thanks
Day 328 spiritual family
Day 329 good health
Day 330 being a business owner
Day 331 memories from old holiday ornaments
Day 332 Christmas lights
Day 333 good will to all
Day 334 genuine apologies
Day 335 snuggles
Day 336 spiritual happiness
Day 337 calm mind
Day 338 endurance
Day 339 healing naturally
Day 340 clean language
Day 341 keep fighting for everything that’s good
Day 342 never breaking a promise
Day 343 always finishing what you start
Day 344 letting go of what is out of your control
Day 345 compassion for others
Day 346 treating others as you would like to be treated
Day 347 we are all brothers & sisters
Day 348 being patient with the body
Day 349 loving your enemies
Day 350 being happy with what you have
Day 351 being simple
Day 352 moving past the past
Day 353 gift of grandchildren
Day 354 peace on earth
Day 355 to give not receive
Day 356 the joy a new puppy brings to a family
Day 357 not being racist
Day 358 slowing down for the holidays
Day 359 the life & lessons of Lord Jesus
Day 360 warm home
Day 361 starting a new day
Day 362 to wake up and breathe
Day 363 healing love from the ashram
Day 364 knowing when to be quiet
Day 365 the new year

Om Shanti