satya yoga studies program

satya yoga studies program

All Is Within

Satya means truthfulness. It is the second Yama (ethical restraint) in the Eight Limbs of Yoga as taught by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

The Sutras call upon yogis to embody truthfulness through their practice, their acquisition and use of worldly knowledge, and their behavior in the world. The Satya Yoga Studies Program was conceived of and will be conducted with an emphasis on honesty, love and compassion for all beings.

This year-long program, comprised of 12 individual modules, is designed for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike who wish to continue their sadhana (spiritual yogic studies/practice). The study of Yoga provides tools that are equally useful whether you are seeking spiritual growth or simply seeking a life more in balance, at peace, and in harmony. These weekend modules are offered by a beautiful sangha (community) of experienced practitioners and shared with love for all beings, respect for the ancient teachings, and acknowledgement of the responsibility that we have as a result of our relative privilege. The embodied wisdom shared here can help you deepen your current practice and expand your understanding of yoga beyond the Western emphasis on asana (poses) and the physical plane of existence.

Each weekend will include a special Friday evening introductory discussion session on a relevant subject for that weekend. Saturday & Sunday will be yogic studies on each specified topic. Also included will be handouts along with practical applications. All modules can be used for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits (CEU). No prior experience/training is required. All are welcome to attend. The Satya Yoga Studies Program is $225/module or $2400 for all 12 modules. If you are unable to pay the full amount at this time, contact us to make special arrangements. We wish to accommodate all students.

You may choose to attend all 12 modules, just a few, or only one. Encountering any aspect of this ancient body of wisdom will support your spiritual journey.

May we all live in Satya (truth) remembering all is within. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings be happy. Om Shanti