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Leslie Blackwell is a God centered, devoted and spiritual yogi with a passion for what is good and right in the world. She loves anything inspirational and positive. Her teaching is an extension of her spiritual journey through the holy science of Yoga.

She is the mother of a beautiful, strong and loving son. She is truly blessed with 2 amazing grandchildren.  She is married to a very supportive, kind and wonderful man. These roles in life – mother, grandmother, wife – have taught her the true lessons of strength and fortitude.

Her teaching journey started through the fitness world around 1999 when a dear friend asked her to teach a step aerobics class. She was nervous and scared but that’s what it took to get past the fear – just do it! She spent the following years teaching, studying and doing everything she could to learn about fitness and keeping the body healthy. This led her to teaching all types of group exercise along with personal training. All of which she experienced for 10 plus years before teaching through her own personal workouts. In 2000 she completed the Disney marathon which was quite an accomplishment!

This journey led her to the path of the holy science of yoga. She found her beloved Guru, Chandra Om, in 2004 and the self-realization journey began. With the completion of the 240 Hour Teacher Training at the NC School of Yoga, she began teaching yoga in 2005. A couple years later she completed the 500 Hour Teacher Training at the NC School of Yoga. Since day one her teachings have been inspired and are in deepest gratitude to her Guruji Chandra Om. Without the guidance, devotion and unconditional love from the Guru she would not be who she is today.

Her continued studies led her to teaching specialty yoga certifications also. She offers workshops to certify yoga teachers in Gentle & Restorative Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Seniors Yoga. She also continues to assist in teaching to the 240 Hour & 500 Hour teacher training groups. She believes when you share what you love and have learned to others so they can continue to inspire and help others that’s yoga.

A true yoga teacher never stops the study of the true self and the holy teachings. Her studies continue through her Guruji Chandra Om. You can’t evolve your students if you are not evolving yourself which is what she was taught and it has shown over the years.

Whatever your path remember to always be strong and true. Know that God dwells within the cave of your heart to keep you at peace and free.

May God bless everyone and may all beings be free from suffering.

om shanti om

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