I have been doing Yoga with Leslie now a little over a. year.  When I began, I was in terrible shape physically and mentally.  I suffered from knee and hip pain, backaches and was taking medications and supplements to get through my day.  I could hardly rise from a chair or walk without “grunting”  but the worst part was I was losing precious time with my 6 year old Grandson.  

I started out in the Chair Yoga class and I have to admit that first class kicked me – I was so sore the next day but I didn’t give up — I came back the next week and the next and then I started a one on one weekly lesson in addition to the chair yoga.  I am so blessed and thankful that my path  and my sister led me to Leslie.  A year later I can move without groans or grunts, get up from chair, get up from the floor by myself, and play games on the floor  and outside with my Grandson.  Who would have thought that at 68 almost 69 years of age I would be doing planks, warrior and tree poses.  

To say that Yoga has changed my life is an understatement.  Yoga has brought me to a place of peace, a place of wanting better for myself a feeling of empowerment.  Thank you Leslie for guiding me on new adventures in this journey of life.”


“Restorative Yoga – The lazy part of me loves that there is no standing. The cerebral part loves that I can hear what my body needs.  With your eyes closed and the lights dimmed the class seems to last an hour.  If you need a cleansing breath for your mind, body and soul, this class is for you.”


“Yoga therapy has been great for me. With the help of my teacher, we were able to fine tune and modify some of the yoga poses to provide the best benefits for me. In addition, we have been able to strengthen my body; reducing the pain that I experience in my back and hips. I can start a session barely able to move and by the end, my movements are more fluid, and I feel refreshed. My physical therapist says that he is amazed with the range of motion that I have in my shoulders, hips, and throughout my body, which he attributes to the yoga and yoga therapy that I have participated in the last 3 years.”


Yoga therapy helped me with range of motion and alleviated the pain in my shoulder from osteoarthritis.  I have also engaged in yoga therapy for plantar fasciitis. Leslie guided me through individualized poses and exercises focusing on these areas, but, with the emphasis on healing my whole body.  My posture had been affected by the pain in my shoulder, and, my knee was sore from the plantar fasciitis. We worked on exercises and movements to strengthen the muscles around my shoulder and elongate the plantar to relieve the soreness. I have incorporated several of these movements into my daily regimen, and, will not hesitate to work with Leslie and yoga therapy, again, should the need arise.


“I have been doing yoga therapy & yoga classes with Leslie for about a month. The first thing she did was get a medical history from me. She used my medical issues to design a yoga program specifically for me. She knew the areas of my body that need strengthening. I had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders and this has helped me so much with the movement and strength in my shoulders. I also have lipedema and she suggested movements that will improve the circulation in my legs. She is non-judgemental and very attentive to your physical and mental needs. You always learn something new in each class that will help you in some way with pain and comfort. No one yoga class is the same. I appreciate all the help Leslie has given me in each yoga class.”


Yoga with Leslie helped ease the anxiousness in my mind and body during COVID isolation. Additionally, I’m grateful for Leslie’s personalized one-on-one back therapy sessions. She is patient, attentive and extremely caring.


My experience with Leslie as a yoga therapist has been extremely good. She has an excellent understanding of anatomy and which therapy poses will be the most beneficial. I have experienced relief for knee, lower lumbar, and plantar fasciitis relief through different stretches, how long to hold them, etc. I strongly recommend you give Leslie’s response to your issues a chance, using her yoga therapy for your issues.