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Have you ever felt you need more specific help than is available from a public yoga class?

Have you experienced discomfort in the body that never goes away or keeps coming back?

Yoga therapy can help!  Yoga therapy is specific therapeutic practices done in private, one-on-one sessions. It uses simple movements, yoga asana, visualization, and breathing techniques that target the source of pain and/or injury to correct those imbalances.

In the initial consultation, Leslie will review the student’s current and past issues. Also, will complete an in-depth health history which will help determine the origin of those issues. Based on what is revealed in this consultation, Leslie will provide fundamental alignment and breathing exercises and teach the student to perform them properly. These exercises will help the student become aware of their habits. Leslie will also teach the student how to use these therapeutic practices to correct and avoid those habits, which will improve the student’s well-being.

Each yoga therapy session includes evaluation and application of corrective therapeutic exercises. Leslie will provide specific instructions for home practice, according to the needs of the student. Leslie will evaluate the home practices periodically, and update them accordingly as the student progresses. Every person is unique and different, so each program is specialized for that individual.

Leslie has extensive experience with people of all ages, from children to seniors. She has provided Yoga therapy practices to people who have multiple sclerosis, autism, cancer, dementia, joint replacements, vertigo and more. She has also used Yoga therapy to help people recovering from broken bones, and throughout pregnancy (prenatal and postnatal care).

No prior yoga experience is necessary. All levels and ages are welcome. These sessions can be practiced using a mat on the floor or a chair according to your ability. Yoga therapy is perfect for general body discomfort, injury rehabilitation, joint/muscle pain, poor posture, structural or developmental issues, recovery from anxiety, PTSD, and for spiritual development.

Sessions are typically 1 hour. Rates vary and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please note: sessions will be held online until further notice.

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yoga therapy with leslie blackwell